You’ve never heard the perspective we’re going to share.

Small-cap execs do their best to avoid unnecessary dilution. But conflicts of interest and misinformation are everywhere. We’ll provide you with the missing cheat sheet to smarter financings.

What you will learn

  • Why data is your friend and how to time a financing for maximum value
  • Being much more intentional and quantitative in selecting an investment bank
  • If you think PIPE is a “four-letter” word, you need to understand them better
  • Why a “registered direct” (RD) can be a smart CFO’s best friend… or worst enemy
  • When convertible preferred stock is really… debt
  • The most important things you never knew about hedge fund accounting
  • The ins/outs of ATMs, and why they’re often not as advertised
  • Demystifying equity lines & staying out of trouble with convertible notes
  • Warrants: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Smarter Small-Cap Financings: An Insider’s Playbook

    • Complete course video


"The single best resource you will find..."

Joshua H., Institutional Investor

"Simply put, this is the single best resource you will find regarding small-cap financings. I say this as both an institutional investor and someone who has served on multiple public company boards. If you are an officer or a director and you think you already have these topics mastered, think again. Do yourself a favor and take this course."


A must attend course from a trusted, objective source.